Water Treatment Facility Pumping Station SCADA System

Pump stations are used as individually with the purpose of improving the transmission between the pipelines , as used to provide transmission at both input and output sections of the water treatment plants.

Nowadays, the use of operators of industrial facilities to handle, control the passage of SCADA systems has become a necessity. Provides users with the convenience features with developed SCADA systems and the plants can become much more efficient with recording and optimization of plant production and consumption.

Below we see monitoring and control screen for water treatment project by our company prepared.

 Water Treatment Project Pumping Station SCADA System

SCADA design displayed above the seven pump set, water level data, flow data, the line pressure data are available.
Groups in each of the pump, the pump in front of and behind a suction valve and the outlet valve and also the outlet valve is located on one side behind the mechanical safety measure which allows flow control valves are available.

Pumping units, the water contained in the intake structure, the amount of water in the tank, pumping the water of the line, the desired flow per unit time by the amount of co-pump groups, aging took extracting is automatically engaged with the principle.

Lines, color lines in the design flow, which is made with animations and other equipment, digital and analog data is displayed and the auxiliary equipment under detailed study information pages by clicking on the equipment being monitored.
In addition, this information is recorded and, in the form of retrospective time graphs and data sheets are made available to the operator.

At the location of the plant except in case of failure of the operators not only need to have computers with ease SCADA monitoring, control and reporting is carried out automatically or semi-automatically.