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Power plant energy automation remote monitoring control SCADA system

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In the process production and consumption of electrical energy in ARELSA, We are pleased to offer energy efficiency solutions in order to protect our customers' needs.

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Water Treatment Facility Pumping Station SCADA System

Pump stations are used as individually with the purpose of improving the transmission between the pipelines , as used to provide transmission at both input and output sections of the water treatment plants.

Nowadays, the use of operators of industrial facilities to handle, control the passage of SCADA systems has become a necessity. Provides users with the convenience features with developed SCADA systems and the plants can become much more efficient with recording and optimization of plant production and consumption.

 Water Treatment Project Pumping Station SCADA System

Automatic Trapezoid Coil Winding Machine

- High Voltage & Middle Voltage, Current-Voltage Measurement Transformer Coil Winding
- 0 - 6mm copper winding
- 4 Mechanical Auto Gear
- 40 - 700 rev/min roll speed option
- soft ramp start and stop
- %0 Start point positioning error
- 0,01 mm sensivity
- +-%01 Tour accuracy

Otomatik Trapez Bobin Sarım Makinesi

Sterilized Bags Welding and Wrapping Machine

- 12 pieces adjustable pressing welding plate
- 72 mt/min production rate
- Different temperature settings for each plate
- Border control units for each
- For all unit automatic synchronization according to pressing speed
- Automatic tension synchronization
- Full digital touch panel
- High speed control unit
- Reporting of the runtime parameters and production amount
- Reporting of the each operator performance (hourly, daily, weekly, mounthly and yearly)

Sterilized Bags Welding and Wrapping Machine
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